ABKA offers a honeybee swarm collection service to the public in the Airedale area. This is generally free of charge and the bees will be removed and hived by a qualified ABKA beekeeper but only provided if it is safe for them to do so (we cannot work at height or in locations that are difficult to access).  We have continued to collect swarms during the COVID-19, following appropriate hygiene and social distancing precautions.

If you think you have a swarm of honey bees please leave it alone.  But before you call us, please check first that what you have is a swarm of honeybees. Our honeybee, bumble bee and wasps leaflet will help you identify the species. More information about swarms here.

NB. ABKA can only collect swarms in the Aire Valley (roughly from Baildon in the south to just short of Skipton and settlements either side of the Aire Valley).  We will need details about the precise location of the swarm and your contact details. To contact us to request help with a swarm, please email our swarm co-ordinator or call 07853 651965. 

For swarms in the Bradford area please contact Bradford BKA, for Ilkley, Skipton and the Dales please contact Wharfedale BKA.