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Our training

Due to the CV19 epidemic we have a waiting list and will not be accepting new applications for training until November 2022.  

Our training course takes a practical approach and aims to provide a good grounding in day-to-day apiary management and confidence in handling honeybees.  To take our full course you first need to undertake ABKA's two spring introductory sessions (see Learn with Us).  

Participants receive a copy of our workbook and are partnered with a 'Bee Buddy' (an experienced beekeeper).  The first season you will gain practical, hands-on experience in your buddy's apiary so you can decide if you want to go further.  In the second year, we support our new beekeepers to get their own bees and take three further training modules.

We do not recommend anyone to get their own bees in Year 1.  Our programme develops the skills and confidence you need before you choose a location and invest in the equipment to set up your own apiary in the spring of Year 2.

Course fee £130 which includes

  • Bee buddy sessions (at least six)

  • A copy of the ABKA training workbook

  • Three training modules in Year 2

  • One year’s full membership of ABKA (starting autumn to cover the first season keeping your own bees).  ABKA membership also includes public liability insurance, bee product and disease insurance.

  • By default, membership of British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA) which includes a monthly copy of the magazine BBKA News

Email our Education Officer to register your interest in our next course.

Year 2 training modules

How to safely inspect a hive and identify anaphylaxis.  How to make up frames.  Honey bee health and disease recognition, treatment and prevention.

Module 1
Module 2

Preparation for getting your own bees and setting up an apiary. Set priorities for your first full season and manage swarming.

Module 3

How to prepare your bees for winter.  Dealing with common and exotic pests and robbing. How to manage and store equipment