Asian Hornet Week

​7-13 September 2020 is Asian Hornet Week, when we are all asked to be extra vigilant for Vespa velutina, the yellow legged hornet (known as the Asian hornet).  This invasive species is native to Asia and was confirmed for the first time in France in 2004, where it quickly established itself after arriving from China in a consignment of pottery.


Unlike our native hornet, the Asian hornet preys on honeybees and is considered a threat to our natural ecology.  It is smaller than the native hornet, with characteristally yellow legs.  It was first found in the UK in 2016 in Tetbury, with further sightings in various locations since then and a number of nests destroyed. The hope is that, with vigilance, we can prevent this disruptive species from becoming established in the UK. 

A simple app ('Asian Hornet Watch') is available for both Apple and Android to help identify and report the Asian Hornet.  More information and updates can be found here or download an identification leaflet.

Two yellow legged hornets trapped in 2019 in Jersey.  They were marked to help track them back to their nests, which were later destroyed.

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CV19 update

Regrettably, we have had to postpone all our talks, events and training this year due to the ongoing pandemic.  We continue to pursue our individual beekeeping activities whilst following the current Government advice on social distancing.  ABKA can still provide a honey bee swarm collection service, again subject to social distancing guidelines plus the usual safety precautions.  We ask all our beekeepers to be particularly mindful of the need to prevent swarms at the present time.

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