Bee rustling is real


This story by one of our members was in this weekend’s Yorkshire Post.  As you can read on our front page, the prospect of unscrupulous bee importers being responsible for bringing Small Hive Beetle into the UK via Northern Ireland is now a genuine threat to UK honey bees and beekeeping.  Please read the story and sign the petition to Stop the unregulated importation of honey bees into GB from the EU via Northern Ireland.


Planning a 'wildlife roundabout'

Earlier in the year, we contacted contractors for the new Aire Valley road scheme in Keighley, Howard Civil Engineering, with a suggestion for the reorganised Hard Ings roundabout to be sown with wildlife friendly plants attractive to bees and other pollinators.  We thought the site presented an ideal opportunity to create an attractive flowering meadow for passing motorists and pedestrians to enjoy.

In October, John Peet and Jane Denney put together proposals for suitable planting and met with Bradford MDC.  At a site meeting before the current lockdown it was agreed in principle that the roundabout will be planted for pollinators next spring and also that no weedkillers or pesticides will be used in the project, to optimise the success of pollinating insects.

John Peet says: “We are delighted that the Council has given such positive feedback on our plan for a wildflower meadow and perennial planting for the central border. We are hoping that next year the roundabout could grow to be a really interesting and attractive feature for Keighley as well as a valuable resource for the natural environment.”

See this story in the Keighley News.

Surveying the Hard Ings roundabout, Oct

Jane Denney meets with Roger Scales of Bradford MDC at a site meeting at the Hard Ings Roundabout in October 2020

Bees Needs award for Cliffe Castle


We are pleased to report that our ongoing collaboration with Cliffe Castle has helped the museum to win a 'Bees Needs' award this year.  

See this story in the Bradford Telegraph & Argus

Bees Needs Week 2021


Its Bees Needs Week (12-18 July).  Find out more about how to support the needs of bees on the British Beekeepers Association websiteOr if you live in our area, pop down to Cliffe Castle Museum in Keighley for all sorts of bee-related activities.  Find out more on the Cliffe Castle Facebook Page.