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A tuneful bee!

Cliffe Castle Bee Blog #8 2023

I think the colony in the Observation Hive may have access to a QR code reader (only joking!).

After last week’s Bee Blog, it was World Bee Day on Saturday 20 May. As I stood quietly by the hive, before any visitors arrived, what could be heard but our new queen piping! She was quite insistent and several patient visitors arrived who were also able to hear her tooting away.

My colleague Louise, who took over the role of beekeeper by the hive in the afternoon reports that she continued her musical performance throughout the day.

Our new queen will be leaving the colony to complete her mating flights any day now, so the window of opportunity to hear her is closing. You could still try, provided you are very quiet. Perhaps watch the YouTube video we put in the last blog post to hear an example of the sound to listen out for?

Anyway, we will next check the colony on 29 May, to find out whether our new queen is ready to begin her life’s work, laying eggs to keep the colony alive. Watch out for our next update!



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