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Looking after bees in the Aire Valley since 1908

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Honey bee on pink flower

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About us

Our members have been beekeeping in the Aire Valley for more than a century. The Airedale Beekeepers Association (ABKA) was started in 1908 and our area spans the Aire Valley northwards from Bingley and Baildon to Airedale, as far as Skipton.


Got a swarm? We can remove swarms in our local area (roughly from Baildon to just south of Skipton).  If you need help please click here for advice and to get in touch with our swarm team

Get involved

Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby but a big responsibility! Find out more about what is involved.

Please note: we have not been able to offer our usual beekeeping courses in 2021 due to COVID-19 and our 2022 course is already over-subscribed. 


We have has different membership levels depending on your experience. Our members enjoy the support of their fellow ABKAs as well as online chats, social events and educational talks.  Click the box below to contact our Membership Secretary. 

Please help us campaign to protect British bees against Small Hive Beetle

We are asking everyone who is interested in bees and the environment to sign a petition to the UK Government which aims to close a post-Brexit loophole which could allow the arrival of a devastating pest into the UK.

Small hive beetle is now endemic in southern Italy, from where most bees imported into the UK are brought. 

Prior to December 2020, an effective inspection regime at points of import had prevented diseased or infected bees from being brought into the country.  With Brexit, the rules changed: though packages of bees cannot currently be imported into Great Britain, they are still allowed to be brought into Northern Ireland – from where they can then be transferred to the UK mainland without restriction or disease inspection.

The small hive beetle can multiply to huge numbers within infested colonies, where it eats brood, honey and pollen, destroys the wax combs and causes fermentation and spoiling of the honey.  Under the previous arrangements, an effective inspection regime at points of import prevented it from becoming established in the UK.

Unless this loophole is closed, unscrupulous importers will be able to move bees into the UK without control.  There is no effective treatment for small hive beetle – in the US at least 20,000 colonies were destroyed within two years of its discovery and the potential impact on British beekeeping could be devastating.

We ask anyone who is concerned to please sign the petition and encourage the Government to take action on this urgent issue. The petition can be found online at and runs until September.

For more information on this issue see releases from the BBKA here

About local honey

The honey we produce in the Aire Valley is 100% local and an entirely natural product. 

Much of the honey in your local supermarket is sourced from many countries and blended, so its origin cannot be put on the label. Unfortunately sometimes it isn't even pure honey.

So buy local where you can, but expect to pay a little more for the good stuff!

When our Members have honey for sale we will advertise it here.

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