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Airedale Beekeepers Association (ABKA) members have been beekeeping in the Aire Valley since 1908.  Our Association area spans the Aire Valley northwards from Bingley and Baildon to Skipton and Airedale.


Got a swarm?

We can remove swarms in our local area (roughly from Baildon to just south of Skipton).  If you need help please click here for advice and to get in touch with our swarm team


Would you like to join us?

As a member of ABKA you can develop your beekeeping career with the support of other members, enjoy our social events and educational talks and participation in our annual Honey Show!

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Learn more about what our Association does.

​Please note that due to the Covid-19 epidemic we are not currently able to offer our usual beekeeping courses

News and events

A wildflower roundabout for Keighley?

We are delighted to report that, thanks to ABKA, Bradford Metropolitan District Council (BDMC) has promised to bring a bit more nature into Keighley’s urban environment by planting the reorganised Aire Valley trunk road roundabout at Hard Ings as a haven for pollinators and wildlife.

After contacting the engineering contractors in spring 2020, we began a dialogue with Roger Scales, Landscape Architect for BMDC.  Two of our beekeepers, Jane Denney and John Peet, then put together suggestions for planting and met with Roger before lockdown to agree the way forward.  Read the full story here.


Bees Knees award for Cliffe Castle Museum

Our collaboration with Keighley's Cliffe Castle Museum, including the supply and maintenance of the very popular Observation Hive, recently helped the Museum to win a Bees Knees Award! Here's a little video about Cliffe' Castle's various bee friendly initiatives.


Beekeeping during COVID-19

For members, here is information regarding access to your bees in the light of restricted movement during the epidemic.  I strongly advise you print a copy and keep it with you. Chris Hardy, Chair

About local honey

The honey we produce in the Aire Valley is 100% local and an entirely natural product. 

Much of the honey in your local supermarket is sourced from many countries and blended, so its origin cannot be put on the label. Unfortunately sometimes it isn't even pure honey.

So buy local where you can, but expect to pay a little more for the good stuff!

When our Members have honey for sale we will advertise it here.

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